High earning professionals and executives need the ultimate in disability income protection without which they can jeopardize their financial future. It’s not enough just to buy a policy; It’s important to know that it will pay the benefits they expect when it’s needed the most.

Financial Planning with Life Insurance

by AMeen Estaiteyeh on
Many people are familiar with the basic concepts of life insurance and understand that some level of protection is a necessary part of modern financial life.  The question of what life insurance can actually accomplish, when considered as part of an overall financial plan, is more involved and worth a closer look.
It’s an unfortunate sign of the times as an increasing number of adult children, caught in the convergence of a sluggish economy, a slow job market, and tight lending, are turning to the Bank of Mom and Dad for financial help. And, as much as parents would do anything in their power to help their children in a time of need, most dread the day their child approaches them for a loan.

Demystifying Whole Life Premiums

by AMeen Estaiteyeh on
Critics of whole life insurance point to the higher premiums these plans require and the inflexibility of the payment schedule, however, when the structure and features of whole life insurance are fully understood, a fair-minded person would see that it offers affordability and flexibility along with unmatched long term security.